Management Software & Data Management

BenefitElect provides software solutions to solve the most complex HR challenges.

Dynamic Classification

  • Our dynamic classification system allows us to process a large volume of complex data, quickly and accurately.

Driving Service

  • Enrollment, onboarding, implementation, and ongoing data management

Reporting Solutions

  • Access to your data through robust reporting
  • Customize reports to meet your needs

Code Management

  • With our proprietary code there is no middleman. We own and control the technology that makes our benefits platform adaptable to your unique needs.

Personalized Service

What could you accomplish if you had more time?

We want you to find out. When you partner with BenefitElect, we become part of your team. We take the busy work off of your desk and give you back the gift of time. We help you focus on your business, not your busyness.

  • Full support through each step of the process. We assign two reps to you from implementation through day-to-day administration. Our dedicated team is at your service.
  • We understand the “Why” which enables us to better offer solutions to your day-to-day challenges.
  • A partnership above all else. We pride ourselves on being a true partner to you. It’s like adding another member to your team.

The Implementation Process

Phase One: Discovery

Determine your company’s unique demographics. With this information, we create a comprehensive document called theBenefits Matrix. This document is used as a reference for all other implementation phases. During this phase, we require collaboration between the HR department, the broker, and BenefitElect to gather the information needed to create the Benefits Matrix.

Phase Two: Build

Configure a new BenefitElect portal, specific to your company. We generate your desired “look and feel”, configure the enrollment system, generate required reports, and create the carrier feeds.

Phase Three: Train

Get the most out of our system through adequate training. Learn about implementation, reporting, testing, and more.

Phase Four: Test

Ensure seamless implementation before the system is put into production. This is the time to thoroughly review all aspects of the program, including implementation, notifications, report generators, carrier feeds, rates, onscreen text, etc.

Phase Five: Deploy

Congratulations! You are now ready for production. This is the “go live” phase where all of the open enrollment start and end dates as well as benefit effective dates are set to real working dates. By this time, all issues have been resolved or alternatives are put in place for issues that could not be resolved.

Employee Resources

Easy to use platform.
Your time is valuable. Our simplified user-interface saves time and effort.
Notification of changes.
Life events are tracked and communicated
to HR automatically.
Simple uploads.
Forms and documents can be easily loaded for verification, e.g. Birth Certificate.
Informed choices.
Intuitive decision-making support helps employees make informed choices.
Educational Videos.
Option to post informative videos to the site.

Authoritative Database

State-of-the-art data management

  • Full in-house EDI integration with no outsourcing gives us control of the data to provide the best user experience for you.
  • Automatic, standard reports can be set up on a recurring basis. BenefitElect scrubs the data so reports are accurate and complete. Multiple pay grades and classes are easily accommodated.
  • Custom reporting is offered as an add-on service. We will discuss your HR challenges and help you solve them through relevant data reporting.

Training (Year Round)

Full enrollment site demos

HR administration functionality

Face-to-face and virtual year-round training available

Training on testing


As a BenefitElect client, you have access to an extensive video library with professional, ready-made video clips created to educate and empower your employees as they work their way through the enrollment process. These videos give your employees additional information on confusing topics to help guide them through the decision-making process.

Cost Savings

Track deductions through expert data management and full EDI, to save HR time and money with no more missed deductions.