Client Management, Processes, and Security

  • Enrollments
  • Benefits Administration
  • Data Tracking
  • Communication/Decision Making

Data Security

We follow strict guidelines and comply with stringent data security protocol to ensure your data is protected from loss, corruption, or unauthorized access. HIPAA integrity and security are of the utmost importance to us. All transfer of data is done through a Secure File Transfer Protocol. Cloud-based hosting is conducted on the dedicated Amazon Web Services (AWS).

People Component

We’re not a vendor, but a true partner.

Our team is your team. We are an extension of your HR department. Our goal is to take work off your desk to give you back valuable time.

Problem Solving

Determine The Need

We understand today’s employees and keep them at the forefront of everything we do.

Simplify The Process

We know employees have information coming at them all the time. We have fine-tuned the user interface to keep clicks to a minimum.

Empower Employees

With streamlined processes, employees are empowered to complete their enrollment with minimal intervention.

Make It Easy To Use

We’ve created a user-friendly platform with a clean menu, intuitive navigation, simple data entry, and step-by-step instructions.