Benefit Technology for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Sophisticated benefits administration tools and HR software, personalized services, and engaging communication to provide solutions for today’s HR professionals and tomorrow’s workforce.

Get Beyond Day-to-Day Challenges & Deliver Greater Value With BenefitElect.

What We Do

We are a full-service benefits administration platform, dedicated to providing a high quality, user-friendly benefit enrollment experience. We allow multiple accounts, locations, and classes to be consolidated and managed at the same time. Our user-friendly platform is driven by creative, intuitive technology and designed by people who understand insurance benefits and benefit-related data. We offer tools, support, and training through all stages of the benefits administration process, from implementation and enrollment to report generation and compliance.
  • Tools – We’ve developed sophisticated tools to connect people, processes, and technology through data and system integration.
  • Service – Our personalized service allows us to collaborate with you, as your partner, to solve the toughest challenges together.
  • Communication – We offer engaging communication and insight to support HR in delivering a comprehensive, dynamic, and user-friendly employee experience.
  • Data Management – Our data management system breaks down data silos to manage, validate, and disseminate data.
Business Theory Partnership


We provide streamlined processes to give time back to HR. We like to think we’re adding an additional member to your team.


Our value proposition is simple: deliver high quality products, service, and support while using a cost-effective business model.


We partner with HR to give employees the tools needed for successful enrollment and change management.

What Our Clients Are Saying